Alberta Why Alberta?

Greetings from your Escape to Alberta blog author, Ann Jordan-Mills.  I am moved to write about Alberta because, after living here for almost 45 years (oh, that sounds like an awfully long time!), I have grown to love this province with a passion.
I have lived in cities – Calgary and Edmonton, small towns – High River and  Didsbury (which is where I currently reside), and a hamlet – Alix (which had about 725 souls when I lived there).
I also lived in St. Albert – a small city, and Canmore – a mountain town with its own individual nature and personality.

As you see, I have moved around, experiencing almost every lifestyle, from an acreage in the country, to condos in the city, and just about everything in between.

Ann and Alberta

I arrived in Alberta in January 1967 as a young bride, for what I thought was going to be a 6-month visit.  Was I wrong!  As I said, it’s almost 45 years later and I’m still here.
I’m not going to write about my personal experiences in Alberta – though that might come later – I’m going to write about places, events, and people.  I’ll include some locational posts as well – just so you’ll discover how Alberta came to be, and the incredible diversity that makes up this beautiful province.

I have visited each of these regions, and much of Alberta over the years in a variety of roles, many related to tourism.  When my children were younger I enjoyed taking them to explore and experience our province, be it well-known attractions in the cities, or hidden out-of-the way places that we discovered along the way.  I was involved with regional tourism for awhile, when I visited many small towns –  each with its own individuality.  And, as well, I spent many summers as a tour planner and  guide, escorting guests from all over the world who were hungry to visit the places they had only read and dreamed about.

If you want to know about Alberta, I will share all I know.  And because I don’t know it all (how can anyone know it all?), I will invite others to share their stories and photos with you.

Lifetime Experiences

A lifetime of experiences (marriage, parenthood, grandparenthood, and a long and varied professional career – including areas of tourism) has contributed to where I find myself today. These experiences are many, and include:

Writing in all its forms since a very young age – starting with being taught to write polite thank-you letters, by one of the world’s most prolific letter writers – my late mother.

A passion for exploring the uses and benefits of technology. That’s why my children and grandchildren call me “Technogranny”, and it led me to create a fun and helpful website for ‘computer-shy’ seniors (and not-so-seniors).

Communication: discovering the most dynamic and productive ways to use words (formal and informal, written and spoken), and now a passion – some call it an obsession – for social media.

Curiosity: they say you should nurture your inner child, and a sign that you have, is an innate and limitless curiosity.  Well, if being known as an inveterate question-asker, and possessing a keen interest in almost everything, denotes curiosity – then my inner child is safe and well!

Lifelong learning: related to curiosity, continuous learning supports wellness in mind and body and a positive approach to healthy living and graceful aging.  Learning, particularly if it’s about matters technical (i.e. websites and my iPad) keeps my energy and interest at a high level.  I am currently writing this while walking at my treadmill desk – my latest way to keep fit and healthy.

Everything else …

I am married to Bob, an English Literature Professor, with whom I have healthy ‘discussions’ about grammar and spelling … we don’t always agree and, being the better speller, I almost always beat him at Scrabble! I have four adult children and six grandchildren, most of whom live far from me – two as far away as Amsterdam.

In my personal time, I enjoy reading, more writing, social media, photography, travel, listening to classical music, gardening, recreational cycling (as Alberta weather allows), and visiting my far-flung grandchildren when I can. Constitutionally, I am a ‘night-owl’ and spend many late nights reveling in my tech ‘toys’ and delving into things computer-related.

Another branch of my writing passion is travel writing and photography and that is what has spawned this website.  I have shared stories and photographs of my travels – at home and overseas – in other online travel sites and magazines, and now I have decided to stay closer to home and write my own travel site.  It’s especially for you, my reader, and it’s about my home province of Alberta.

I am a current member of the International Travel Writers’ and Photographers’ Alliance (ITWPA) and I am an avid reader of International Living, with a goal of one day living, at least part time, in a warm climate away from Alberta’s cold and snowy winters … and that’s another story!  You’ll read about winter elsewhere on this site!