Snow, Dinosaurs, Cowboys, Mountains, Buffalo …

When you come to Alberta, you’ll find craggy mountains and gentle green foothills, unbelievably turquoise lakes and rippling rivers, flat-as-a-pancake prairie plains and unique and surprising badlands – former home of the Dinosaurs millions of years ago.

I’ve heard the badlands described as a miniature Canadian Grand Canyon.  You can be driving through a completely flat prairie, enjoying the golden fields of ripening wheat, when suddenly and quite unexpectedly, the land drops and opens up before you into a wide canyon with rock strata of colours and formations like nothing you have ever seen.

There are places to explore, and adventures to be found wherever you travel in this incredibly diverse and beautiful province.  Whether you are here with family or partner, with a group of friends or alone, you will find something to interest you and something to do.  And, wherever you find yourself, you will meet friendly Albertans who are happy to tell you about their locality in town or country, mountain, lake, or plain.

The Canadian Rockies

But the place that travelers from far and wide flock to, or aspire to visit, is the Rocky Mountains, playground of hikers in summer and skiers in winter and shared-home of such species of wildlife as grizzly and black bears, elk, deer, wolf, cougars, coyotes, and more.  Residents mostly live in harmony with these creatures and, in some cases know them by name or number as they pass through the wildlife corridors close to the towns – like the grizzly bear sow who often hangs out with her cubs close to Banff, and passes by on the hills above Canmore to forage for food to feed her babies each spring on her way to higher ground and her summer home.
Or this mother and cubs that were filmed recently near Moraine Lake:

Summer and winter you’ll find lots to do, and you can be as active and adventurous as you choose, or gentle and more sedate – if that’s your thing.  The higher slopes provide opportunities for hiking, skiing, snowboarding and sledding in season.  The mountain towns of Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore provide a plethora of places to eat and, more importantly for some – to shop.

Beginnings …

A gentle walk will take your through the historic castle-like hotels that were built for visiting upper classes when the hot and reviving mineral springs were first discovered above Banff, and the railway came through in the era of Queen Victoria of England.  Indeed our province of Alberta is named for her consort Prince Albert, and Lake Louise was named to honour her fourth daughter Princess Louise Caroline Alberta.  The princess was married to the Marquis of Lorne, who was the Governor General of Canada at that time.  Incidentally, it was the third name given to this lake, which was originally called The “Lake of Little Fishes” (HO-RUN-NUM-NAY) by the Stoney Nakoda First Nation peoples who settled in the area long before the railway and the explorers came through.

Come!  Escape!  Follow our site, and you will find out where to go, what there is to do, great places to stay, and best of all, where to eat in Alberta … for it’s our goal to show you as much as we can within these pages and posts.